L'Abeille mécanique

I talk about the Mechanical Bee : (thanks to Watches Tv)

What I try to express in my work is the "desire of harmony" and the belief that this harmony is possible. Harmony between humans, harmony between us and the way we use our technology, but most of all, harmony between humans and other living beings, in other words: what we call nature.

I chose to use the bee because it is a very ancient and strong symbol that several ancient civilizations have used (like the Egyptians). My bee wants to express this harmony between us and nature, between the living and the artificial we create. My work on the clockwork inside the bee aims to give the impression of life to the bee as I seek to express through this moving mechanism the precision, delicacy and complexity of the mechanisms of life that are not visible to the naked eye we have.

I want to shout about the possible disappearance of bees, which are currently in danger. In some science fiction works, natural bees have been replaced by artificial bees (nanobots) which is both fascinating and terrifying. Behind the image of the marvelous and the magical that my work evokes in its first reading, one can also have this terrifying reading on the possible disappearance of bees and their replacement by nano-robots. This is also why the mechanism of the bee is a clock and its sting indicates the time on the rotating base (1 tour/12h). This reminds us that time is important.
Caractéristiques techniques:
* Mécanique d’art
* Mécanisme à l'intérieur du corps de l'abeille
* Abeille tournant sur elle-même grâce à son propre mécanisme
* Heure indiqué par le dard de l'abeille
* Abeille amovible de la base
* Fabrication avec les techniques horlogères traditionnelles
* Ponts anglés mains
* Finitions charbonnée sur les platines
* Parties noires du corps patinées ; anneaux et dard dorés
* Clé pour le remontage
* 18.000 alt/h
* Réserve de marche de 40 heures

*Pièce 1/3 - Prix sur demande

Technical specifications:
* Mechanical Art
* Mechanism inside the bee's body
* Bee turning on itself,
   thanks to its own mechanism
* Time indicated by the bee's stinger
* Bee removable from the base
* Manufactured using traditional watchmaking techniques
* Hand-beveled bridges
* "Charbonné" finish on plates
* Black parts of the body with patina,
   gold-plated rings and stinger
* Key for winding
* 18,000 vib/h
* 40-hour power reserve

*Piece 1/3 - Price on request


Main size: base, dial, glass bubble
The dial, base and bee are covered by
a glass bell to protect them from dust.

Bee dimensions only:
10cm*10cm*5cm high

Base dimensions:
13cm diameter by 2.7cm height

Bee + base dimensions:
13cm diameter by 6.3cm height

Glass bubble dimensions: 16.5cm diameter by 11cm height

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